New gallery: Infinite Palaces and Buildings

During the last year I worked extensively on repeated patterns in architecture.

I’m finally happy to announce that a new album featuring some image from the series Infinite Buildings has been recently added to the gallery.

Description and artistic statement coming soon.

Home page restyle and aggregate feeds

I finally had some time to restyle the photo home page.

Now it display additional information about every section of the site, a random picture from the gallery, the last entry in the photoblog and the first picture attached to the last Camera Obscura article. Additionally the new photo home page include directly the most recent activities in the News, Photoblog and Camera Obscura section of the site.

Furthermore all the feeds (excluding users comments) of the different section of the site are aggregated using a Yahoo Pipe and Feedburner, in this way you can subscribe to a unique photo feed to stay up to date with everything new on Fabiano Busdraghi photography page.

Photography at Artbreak

I was invited to create a personal page on Artbreak.
I then published some photographs taken during the last time, some of these are for sale in limited and numbered edition.