Antarctic reportage on Witness Journal 12

Some photos of my reportage in Antarctica have been published on the number 12 of the online magazine WitnessJournal, that is a webzine of the photography portal FotoUp.

Reading is free and in addition to my photos in the current number there are many other interesting reportages.

ICC exposed at ZooArt, 2008 July 10-13

Zooart 2008

The installation Infinite Cube City, based on one of the picture of the series Infinite Buildings, will be exposed during the Zooart manifestation, from 10 to 13 July.

Giardini Fresia
Corso Giovanni XXIII
12100 Cuneo

Here you can read the press release (in Italian) ZooArt+ManifestaZOOne 2008.

Exposition at Acte2 gallery, 2008 June 27

Px3 2008

On June 27 at Acte2 gallery, a collective exposition will be inaugurated with pictures of the winners of the Px3 2008 competition. Five photos of Antarctica, who won the nature category non-pro, will be exposed.

The inauguration will be open from 7 to 9 pm and this is the address of the gallery:

Acte2 Galerie
41, rue d’Artois
75008 Paris