Infinite Buildings at São Paulo Casa Cor Design Fair

Piazza Duomo, one of the photos from my Infinite Buildings series, will be on display during Casa Cor Design Fair 2012 in São Paulo, Brasil from May 29 to July 22.

Blow-up, Places of the soul and Demons at Parallax Art Fair, London

From 15-18 February 2012, I will expose some pictures from palaces of the soul, demons and blow-up series at Parallax, an art fair that will be held at Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, London.

More informations at Fabiano Busdraghi at P(AF).

Demons and Palazzi dell’Anima at Art Madrid

Some pictures of the series Demons and some of the series Places of the Soul are exposed in Art Madrid from 12 to 16 february by the gallery Manel Mayoral.

ICC exposed at ZooArt, 2008 July 10-13

Zooart 2008

The installation Infinite Cube City, based on one of the picture of the series Infinite Buildings, will be exposed during the Zooart manifestation, from 10 to 13 July.

Giardini Fresia
Corso Giovanni XXIII
12100 Cuneo

Here you can read the press release (in Italian) ZooArt+ManifestaZOOne 2008.