Infinite Buildings on Doze Magazine

A really good Spanish magazine dedicated to photography –Doze Magazine– just published in the 7th issue hyperbolsk (pdf 28Mb) a nice article about my Infinite Building series.

Citations from Giacomo Costa interview on his new book

Is about to be published a new big book that tells the whole story of the agglomerations by Giacomo Costa. The Chronicles of Time, 260 pages, is published by Damiani editore.

In the book there will two important texts: one by Sir Norman Foster and the other by Luca Beatrice (the curator of the Italy pavilion at the next Venice Biennale). Beatrice in his own text mentions some extracts from the interview with Giacomo Costa I wrote for Camera Obscura.

You may also want to read my review of The Chronicles of Time.

RVM magazine publishes an extract of Antarctica photos

The brand new Italian photograph magazine Rear View Mirror, published in its first issue a selection of photos from Antarctica and some extracts from my travel diary.

Selected author at TauVisual prize

One of the picture of the series Places of the soul has been selected during the competition prize of creative quality in professional photography, organized by Tau Visual.

The photo will be published on the catalog of the prize.

Extract from Giacomo Brunelli interview on Fotoit

Two of the questions I asked in the interview I made with Giacomo Brunelli will be published on the next issue of the photography journal Fotoit.

Demons carbon prints on RVM

The Rear View Mirror site just published a long article about the demons photo series. There is a theoretical introduction and discussion about conceptual photography, followed by a description of the series and an introduction to carbon transfer, the historical process used to print the portfolio.

Deep surface reflections on Witness Journal 13

A selection of photographs from the deep surface reflections series was published on the number 13 of Witness Journal.

These photos of mannequins have been taken in various European capitals during the last two years. Shops where mannequins become a reflection of ourselves, our hopes and ways of life, our society, cities and culture.

Antarctic reportage on Witness Journal 12

Some photos of my reportage in Antarctica have been published on the number 12 of the online magazine WitnessJournal, that is a webzine of the photography portal FotoUp.

Reading is free and in addition to my photos in the current number there are many other interesting reportages.

Interview on Design Radar

From a recent exchange of mail with Max Boschini, we wrote an interview that has been published today on the current number of Design Radar: Intervista a Fabiano Busdraghi (in Italian).

The interview covers several topics: my biography, some recent works and projects for the future, discussion about art, music and contemporary photography, the role of the Internet in diffusion of information, why I use ancient techniques of printing and write a blog about photography.

An interview on Fotocomputer 97

The Italian magazine Fotocomputer, dedicated to digital photography, published an interview in the number 97, currently available in newsstands, about what photography is for me and something about my workflow. The article is accompanied by photographs from several portfolio, some of which are not yet available online.

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